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This website is run by Mr. Krishna Attri

Krishna Attri is not a new name in the Indian Stock Market. For the past 9 years, Krishna Attri present his views on the Indian Stock Market on various platforms. He is the only person who rectifies and proof the ancient saga of analysis "Dhruvank Theory" for the financial market. Krishna Attri, well known financial and economic analyst, is a veteran writer who has contributed many important treatises to the science of astrology. Based on his experience of applying the


principles of astrology on the stock markets he has authored the most popular books titled -

  • Gann Analysis (Published in 2012)

  • Astrology For Stock Market (Published in Jan 2014)

  • Astrology for Stocks & Commodities (Published in Jan 2014)

  • Nifty Astro Analysis (Published in Mar 2014) Amazingly Nifty Astro Analysis sold-out 5000 copies in 9 days.

  • My Top 100 Trades (Published in Mar 2015) Amazingly My Top 100 Trades sold-out 1000 copies in 14 days.

  • 300 Astro Combination for Nifty Trading (Published in Mar 2015) Amazingly 300 Astro Combination for Nifty Trading sold-out 1100 copies in 34 days.

  • Astro Trading Strategy For Crude Oil - Edition - 1 (Published in Mar 2016) Amazingly Astro Trading Strategy For Crude Oil sold-out 1100 copies in 2 days.

  • Astro Trading Strategy For Crude Oil - Edition - 2 (Published in Mar 2017)


  • Astro Trading Strategy For Axis Bank

  • Predicting The Dow Jones (Published in Mar 2020) Amazingly Predicting The Dow Jones sold-out 1000 copies in 21 days.

  • Trial Trade Technique (Published in Mar 2020) Amazingly Trial Trade Technique sold-out 1000 copies in 4 days.

  • Sensex's Top 10 Crash & Their Cosmic Reason (Published in Mar 2020) 

  • & MANY MORE.

in the past. Krishna Attri has studied long history of the share market (BSE for the last 30 years, NSE from last 24 years, DOW JONES from last 135 years) with astrological criteria. This shows the repetitions of market history, Krishna Attri believes that history repeats but it requires long criteria he marks that history is repeats by certain astrological combinations.

In his words, he describes himself "I have not a single certification in finance, a common man, a Doctor by qualification, and a day-trader by profession."

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